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Hello from Louisville, my amazing friends and family!

Wow. So many incredible things have happened to me in just the last month, that I barely know where to begin... here are the top four:

I can't believe it... I've been selected along with an impressive lineup of women as a Best Supporting Actress for my role of Ashley in After Ashley at Woolly Mammoth last Fall! (For my non-theatre friends, this is like the Tony Awards for Washington, DC - a HUGE honor.) Two of my castmates, Mark Sullivan and Michael Willis, were also nominated for awards, as was our director, Lee Mikeska Gardner (who also directed me in Machinal) and several others of my friends were nominated in many of the categories as well. I'm so honored; this is a lifetime dream come true! Recipients will be selected at a black tie affair in DC on April 17, for a complete list of nominees, go to

The Humana Festival of New American Plays is THE premiere new play festival in the United States, and I'm HERE! It's such a rush. Our show, Six Years by brilliant playwright Sharr White, is now in rehearsal at Actors Theatre, and will open the festival on March 7!!! This is another lifetime dream come true; the cast (Kelly Mares*, Michael Reilly*, Frank Deal*, Harry Bouvy*, two ATL apprentices, and me) and production team (directed by Hal Brooks) are amazing and the show will be fantastic. If you're in the Cincinnati/Louisville/Lexington area, I would love to see you while I'm here, but get your tickets soon; the last two weekends of the festival already have some sold out dates! For more info and tickets, go to
*Members of Actors Equity Association

Wow. Talk about a rush!!! I auditioned for a role as a "diminutive woman" (aka: "short girl") and booked it! At the end of January, I got to work in a scene with James Gandolfini, Frank Vincent, Steve Van Zandt, and John Bianco. SO COOL. If I don't end up on the cutting room floor, I'll be in the 11th episode of the season, entitled "Cold Stones" and *probably* airing about May 21. My scene takes place in a Costco, and I ask the guys to help me get something off of a high shelf! Who knew being so tiny would come in handy??? :) Everyone was WONDERFUL and I had an amazing time. To see a pics of me from the set and with the mobsters, go to

and finally...
I wasn't as prominent as I was in March of 2004, but I had such a great time doing it. I was in the "Carol" sketch (Horatio Sanz as an outspoken crazy woman) and Peter Sarsgaard was the guest host. Pics are here, thanks to my Uncle Gary:

And that's everything! Wow, what a month. I was only home in NY for January, and my apologies to all the friends I didn't get to see while I was there and whose shows I didn't get to see... as you can see, it was insanity! Jack, Nicole and I tried to get in as much time together as possible, and getting to the city was difficult. But we had a great month. I'll be back in NY April 2nd... I can't wait to see you all then!

Thank you so much for helping me make my dreams come true!!!!
Love and hugs,

BTW: For my friends in NYC trying to write your own material - I HIGHLY recommend my friend Joanna Parson's classes - check out why actor Joe Hickey says "it's better than Prozac, Wellbutrin, or repetitive shaming for motivation" about the Happy Hour Salon Writing for Performance Workshop-- go to for more info!

MarniWatch 10/2/04.......................................................

Hello there from Atlanta, my wonderful friends and family!

By now, my New York friends are saying, "Are you EVER in the city?" And the answer is... nope... I'm a crazy working actor through MAY, 2005!! Yippeee!!! Great news below, folks... hang tight...

1. Marni is nominated for BEST ACTRESS (visiting) in the 2004 Cincinnati Entertainment Awards!
Yay!!! You can go to [11/1/04: voting has closed] to vote for me as Kate in Taming of the Shrew... PLEASE VOTE! You don't have to be a Cincinnatian... heck, I'm an out-of-towner, now! And you don't have to vote in every category, either (e.g., I don't know anything about Cincinnati bands, so I skipped the music section); but Cincinnati Shakespeare Festival (CSF) folks are nominated all over the place for theatre awards, if you want voting recommendations... Yay, us!

2. MACBETH opens THIS FRIDAY in Atlanta!!!!
Georgia Shakespeare Festival ( is producing this super-cool, sexy and scary Mac for the Halloween season October 8-31, for which I'm playing Lady Macbeth. Visit the website above for all of the ticket information, or call (404) 264-0020. THIS WILL SELL OUT, especially as word-of-mouth gets around. Get your tickets soon!!!

3. Marni is cast in TWO new roles in DC!
First up: I'm playing the sister to the title character in "Lorenzaccio" at THE SHAKESPEARE THEATRE!!!
This is the first time I'll have worked at the world-renowned Shakespeare Theatre in DC, plus I'll be directed by well-known director Michael Kahn, and I'm SO excited. Show will run January 18-March 6, 2005; visit for more info.

Secondly: I'm in "Big Death and Little Death" at Woolly Mammoth Theatre in DC in March and April, 2005, which will open their new theatre building! BIG hoopla there. For more info, go to

Wowie zowie. Thanks so much for all of your support over the last two incredible years. It means so much to me. I'm continuing kicking butt in this crazy profession... and all of you are an amazing support network to me. I send love and hugs to you all!!!!

MarniWatch 5/15/04.......................................................

Hey there, all my wonderful friends and family!

The reviews are in... and Comedy is a hit!!! See the "Reviews" page on my website at especially the one that calls me "deliciously nasal"... :)

Thank you so much to all of you who have already come to see Comedy of Errors at the Folger (especially those who travelled from outside DC!) For those of you who haven't made it yet, THERE'S ONLY ONE WEEK LEFT!!! Twelve more performances, to be exact (every day except Monday), and then we wrap it up May 23. Plus, $20 DISCOUNTED TICKETS on Tuesday, May 18 at 7:30pm. So come on out!

To reiterate: it's hysterical... set in Brooklyn... and SHORT... only two hours *including* intermission. I hope you can make it! You can get your tickets at

On Monday, I go into rehearsals for the lead in Machinal for American Century Theater! The fabulous Lee Mikeska Gardner is directing, and we run June 17-July 24. More info on the show at (I think that's supposed to be me drawn in that blurb...) :)

I'm now employed until Halloween! (My cousin Emily will be happy about this...) I'll be playing Lady Macbeth at the Georgia Shakespeare Festival in Atlanta (yes, I said Atlanta) for the entire month of October!! Out, damn spot... Woo hoo! Should be great.

Watch out for cicadas, all of you; they've just started to invade my parents' house here in DC. Eek!

Have a wonderful summer!!!
Hugs and love to all of you,

MarniWatch 4/14/04.......................................................

Hello there, my wonderful friends and family!!!
If you missed my Saturday Night Live appearance, there's
a picture of me & Maya Rudolph up on my website in the "MarniWatch" section at Hee hee!


FIRST: Most of you know I'm down in DC doing Adriana in Comedy of Errors at the Folger Shakespeare Theatre, which opens for previews TONIGHT and will enjoy a lengthy six-week run through May 23. Many of you are coming from out of town already! Yay!!!

It's hilarious (and SHORT), directed in Brooklyn accents by the irrepressible Joe Banno. Those of you familiar with Joe's work will know that it's rockin', fun, and funky, and that I'm wearing lots of skimpy outfits. (Bonus!) :)

If you still haven't made your plans to come see it, I have four comps I can use this week (Wed, Thurs at 7:30, Friday & Saturday at 8 and Sunday at 7:30; first four to contact me will nab them.) To find out more about the show, go to

AND SECOND: I'll be staying in DC longer than originally intended, because I got the lead in a second show right after Comedy!!! It's called Machinal by Sophie Treadwell, and it will play June 17-July 24 down here with American Century Theater, directed by Lee Mikeska Gardner... more on that in a future MarniWatch.

I hope you are all well! Warmer weather will come soon to the East Coast, I just know it!.

Much love to all of you,

MarniWatch 3/6/04.......................................................

Hey there my fabu friends and family!!!

Marni on SNLI'll make this one quick: I'm working on Saturday Night Live tonight!!!!!! Host is Colin Firth, musical guest Norah Jones. Should be spectacular. I'm an upscaley Connecticut woman upset at the Martha Stewart verdict. Don't think I have any lines... if the sketch gets cut at the last minute (it's so topical, it probably won't), sorry for keeping you up late, but just know I'm getting paid anyway. Yay!!!!

Also: My website is now up and running! It'll get prettier, but check out
Resume and voiceover demo uploads are working!

And lastly: I leave for my two-month gig in DC at the Folger Shakespeare Theatre this Sunday night, March 14. I'll be playing Adriana in Comedy of Errors from April 14-May 23... if you're in the DC area in the next couple of months, let's hook up for a cuppa tea!!!! :)

I miss and love you all. Thanks for believing in me!