My dad's webpage: Nick
My dad's column: Penning Thoughts
My sister Rebecca's gardening website: she's a whiz!
My sister Lisa's jewelry and artwork: beautiful stuff!
Marni Penning - Voice Overs
Cincinnati Shakespeare Company
The Penning Family Home Page
The Production Company: An Australian-American Alliance
Katy Pfaffl, amazing singer/songwriter and my vocal coach (I highly recommend her!)
SUBWAY TRAIN, the world's first beat poetry rock musical!
Dave Cross, my headshot photographer
Tess Steinkolk, who took my former black & white headshots
Homestar Runner... Hysterical... (Make sure to visit the StrongBad emails page!)
Complete Works of Shakespeare and a GREAT Shakespeare Search Engine
How I learned HTML: Lissa Explains it All
Neopets - Fabulous Games and a Wonderful Waste of Time...